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A copy of the game was provided for reviewing purposes and I have a personal friend who works for Psyonix Inc.

Goal Driven

Rocket League has a basic premise that pays off with high replay value, fast-paced online matches, and support for both splitscreen and cross-platform play. The goal in every match in the game is simple: score for your team using your vehicle to launch a large ball into the enemy’s goal. In order to accomplish this, your vehicle can pick up boost towards the ball using pickups from areas around the arenas, double jump, dash in various directions, and boost glide. The controls are tight, and you have everything you need to win available from the beginning of the game. 

In short, everyone is playing Rocket League right now, and if you’re a PS+ member, you should have no excuse as the game is currently free for July 2015!

While Rocket League’s main feature is its online mode, there is also an offline season mode for players to check out. It serves as a great way to practice against the A.I., and based on the difficulty you choose for the bots, you’ll either completely dominate matches, or become completely frustrated with how the opposing team plays. It’s a fun and nice extension from the game’s tutorial in terms of learning the base mechanics of Rocket League, and also serves as a great way to earn trophies and unlock custom parts for your vehicle. 

The game claims to have thousands of items to unlock, although each one is merely cosmetic in order to provide a fair field. Since there is no way to increase the speed or toughness of your vehicle, you’ll only get better by playing. There are already several videos on Youtube by players offering tutorials on how to perform trick shots that they have performed and perfected in order to increase their goal output.  

It’s nice that the community has taken to Rocket League, who have been patient when it comes to the game’s only major shortfall: the online servers. Psyonix has announced plans to implement more server stability for the hundreds of thousands players, where matches can take minutes to compile depending on if you choose to play against PC players. The company has also promised more choices for private matches, so friends can play together in the meantime as they wait for server stability. 

With most PlayStation 4 players checking out the game as a plus member, waiting for matches to begin may deter them at the moment to come back later when the issues have been resolved with the servers.  


Recent Reviews

Built with Unreal Engine 3, Rocket League’s visuals are well done and full of vibrant colors. There are a few weather effects to accompany the variety of indoor and outdoor arenas, although none have an actual impact on the gameplay. Sound effects are great, and the game’s soundtrack contains a nice mix of techno that goes well with the game’s action.

Overall, Rocket League is a ton of fun, and offers intense online and splitscreen multiplayer for the many fans who already have the game to enjoy. Once the server issues have all been resolved, players can experience a fun game with a large community to score with or against.  

+ Quick matches and simple gameplay
+ Cross platform play and splitscreen multiplayer

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Developer- Psyonix Inc
Publishers- Psyonix Inc
Release Date- July 7th, 2015
Price- $19.99 MSRP (FREE for PS+ members)
Review Platform- PlayStation 4

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