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Krushing Krinkles

Krinkle Krusher is an tower defense title, with a stronger emphasis on defending your base structure found near the bottom of each progressing level than most titles in the genre. The game also has a strong humor factor, accompanied with very accessible gameplay for players that may be new to these types of titles. 

Most defense games are great for playing on the go via mobile device, but Krinkle Krusher makes a nice addition for Sony players to check out from both the PS3, PS4, and handheld with the PS Vita.

The base gameplay in Krinkle Krusher has players control a magic hand/glove as you utilize the powers of rings bestowed to you by the mage who has placed himself in the background of the levels in the games. Krinkles are the name of the creatures looking to penetrate your defenses, and initially begin as simple waves coming towards your bases in a frontline, although their pattern alters as you progress. 

Their forms change over time as well, so you’ll really be on your toes towards the later levels as they increase their ability to defend against your upgraded powers.  

Each power that you receive in the game drains energy from the six possible rings, which in turn prompts a cool-down period – a nice mechanic which reduces spamming the powers and encourages them to be used more strategically. As the Krinkles rush your defenses, it can be easy to lose a bit of focus and rapidly use your powers, but this reaction this may eventually leave you too vulnerable as the recharge rate builds, making you watch as the cute and invasive Krinkles gnaw at your towers. 

The powers that you receive throughout the game include elements such as ice, fire, lightning, and if used efficiently, they can damage multiple Krinkles at once, which is the preferred way to attack as more and new types of Krinkles invade the screen as you venture through the levels.  


Recent Reviews

While it can be quite challenging at times, Krinkle Krusher always remains a fun and entertaining experience throughout. It also has some worthy trophies to unlock, which adds to the replay-ability factor of the game. 

Multiplayer would be a great way to experience the game, but the solo content is fun enough on its own to enjoy as you casually progress through the levels. 

Overall, the $10 asking price is fair for what the game contains for players to access, and the wonderful art style and humor keeps you immersed in the world even if you may stumble through the later ends of the game.  

+ Colorful visuals and accessible gameplay
+ Fun and challenging defense title that can stand on its own in comparison to other titles in the genre

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Developer- Ilusis Interactive Graphics
Publishers- Ilusis Interactive Graphics
Release Date- April 7th, 2015
Price- $9.99 MSRP
Review Platform- PlayStation 4

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