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Fenix Rage is a 2D-platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy, although it has some unique features that help differentiate itself from that tough title. While still a challenging game in itself, Fenix Rage is accompanied by some tight yet simple controls (The game urges to you use a controller) and fun gameplay that help ease the frustration that the later levels in the game can bring. 

For your $15, you'll be receiving a game with hundreds of levels with new elements being introduced to the main platforming mechanic as you progress through the worlds as you attempt to make it through each stage in a reasonable time – all while picking up those elusive chocolate chip cookies.

The plot of Fenix Rage isn't the primary attraction, but there is a story to be had. The basic premise is that Fenix is an alien creature seeking out a shadowy figure named Oktarus whose presence is a cause for suspicion after Fenix's village is destroyed. To get to him, you'll have to get by the multiple stages that are comprised of the game's world, each with a different theme and flow. 

As you progress, you'll find yourself dying more and more, but this is to be expected – Fenix Rage is all about trial and error. Frustration can appear sometimes, so what I would myself is take a break from a specific level after failing over and over again, and coming back after a break and taking on the level after stepping away.  

Fenix is a pretty fast character, and you're able to quickly move through the level, thanks to the infinite dashing and jumping possible. Sometimes there will be levels that require you to stay in mid-air as you avoid obstacles, but you'll also encounter times where slowing down will be the way to go as well. 

There's a nice flow to the game in this sense, as you're not playing the same level over and over again with a different enemy layout, which is surprise given that the game has over 200 levels to check out and more coming down the line in the form of DLC.  


Visually, Fenix Rage is a nice looking title with colorful sprites. Fenix himself sports brown and blue as his primary colors, but there are some environments in the game where I found it difficult to spot where I was, which caused a few deaths towards the end of a level. Most times my death meant I made a wrong move or tried to go through too fast, but there were also times where I forget where I was as Fenix blended into the environment and got hit by an enemy before I could find him again. 

This doesn't happen too frequently however, and it might have just been more on myself not seeing where the little guy went since I'm the one in control of him to begin with.

The soundtrack is pretty cool as well, with electric/rock beats that also feel very 8-bit at times as well, at least to my ears.  

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Overall, Fenix Rage is a fun, fast, sometimes frustrating title, but very rewarding when you conquer those tougher levels. If you game on PC, be sure to check it out, or countdown to its release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it arrives next year for those consoles.  

+ Fun and fast challenging gameplay
+ Tons of levels to play and worlds to explore that introduce small changes to the game

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Developer- Green Lava Studios
Publishers- Reverb Triple XP
Release Date- September 24th, 2014
Price- $14.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Windows PC (Steam)

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