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Blowing the House Down

Episode Five of the Wolf Among Us wraps up Bigby's tale in a very satisfying fashion. The choices you'll be able to make are weighted with strong impacting results, and the pace is thrilling throughout the entire finale. Your choices throughout the season come into play in a important way, and this factor truly shows that what you choose to say and how you approach specific situations will be remembered and brought up in surprising ways. 

I already miss the world of Fabletown, and can only hope that our chance to go back happens sooner rather than later. 

All of the issues that I had with Episode 4 are completely gone in this episode. The pace is intense, and never slows down. All of the pieces have fallen into place here, so the action sequences that appear are not just there for the sake of action, but as concluding clashes between the tension that Bigby had toward certain characters. Nothing is held back in this finale, making for a thrilling 1+ hour adventure.

Any questions that you may have had regarding certain elements of the story are sure to have been answered in the finale, or at least it was to me. From episode one to now, the main investigation regarding the deaths of a few female fables is resolved, although the answers sometimes lead to a few more questions.  

Blood Mary was a foe to Bigby that showed that even the Big Bad Wolf can have a true rival, just as the woodsman used to be. Their battle in the finale is one of the most exciting parts and it does not disappoint. It was probably my second favorite moment in the episode.  

There's also a pretty cool chase scene near the beginning, and I'm ready to go through it again to see how things may change based on how I approach it.

You'll pretty much have to pay attention to the entire episode, as choices and quick-time events appear frequently, so there's none of the slowing down and investigating sections that were featured in the earlier episodes.

If there was ever an episode to replay, it would probably be this finale of the Wolf Among Us. There were quite a few times where I just wanted to rewind time to see how something else would play out, more than I have ever wanted to in past episodes. Another neat element about the end of the episode is not only the usual worldwide comparison of what other players chose to do in certain situations, but also some extra facts about the characters and choices which is pretty neat. 

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I'm a little sad that this season is over since I'm not sure that there will be another, but I'm staying hopeful. While it's true that the Fables graphic novels are amazing reads, I would prefer to interact with those stories in the form of an interactive adventure, and something that Telltale has done so well since the beginnings of their company.

The Wolf Among Us is an amazing title, and one that will hopefully influence other genre's in terms of its mood, tone, and player immersion into an amazing five-episode story.

+ Very satisfying finale to another great Telltale series
+ Impacting choices that may shape Bigby's future in Fabletown

- Wish it was a bit longer!

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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- July 9th, 2014
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox 360

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