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Crooked Revelations

Despite being the penultimate episode for The Wolf Among Us, In Sheep's Clothing slows the story and pace down significantly. It's still worth playing and gives you some more detail regarding the mysterious Crooked Man, but lacks that special feeling the has been apart of the episodes so far. Towards the end, everything picks up, but for the most part, it's a slow journey to pick up the pieces as Bigby recovers from his encounter with Bloody Mary as he begins the path to understanding the Crooked man. 

After such an intense third episode, you almost have to ask for a breather, but this third episode slows down the intensity that normally only gets higher for Telltale's style of games. It's pretty much my only complaint for In Sheep's Clothing, but is something that stuck out as I played through the episode. If you think of it as a TV show episode of your favorite show, it's essentially a mid-season premiere: You're glad it's back, but don't expect too much to happen.

Despite the pace, a good amount of new information is discovered regarding the Crooked Man in this episode, putting all the required pieces together to what should hopefully be a spectacular final episode when The Wolf Among Us does return in the coming months.

There are a few dialogue options that occur throughout the episode that help show how Bigby has grown as a person, which helps improve his relationship with Snow White by respecting her rules, or challenging them if you choose to do things your way. One of the main topics is enforcing the glamour rule among Bigby's closest friends, which I chose to help out since you do develop a neat bond with characters despite not having too much to interact with them. 

In Sheep's Clothing makes it clear that the Crooked Man and Bloody Mary are Bigby's main focus, while Snow White's goals are to restore order in Fabletown as peacefully as possible. This is probably its strongest aspect, and one that will keep you focused despite the speed change of the story.   

In Sheep's Clothing also offers some better explanation on certain character's motivations and problems, but only enough to grasp an understanding right before the focus shifts to a new problem to deal with. There's so much going on in the world, but I wish there was more time in the episode to delve into, but it still does enough with everything that it does offer.

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While I think this is the weakest episode in the series so far, it's still incredible when compared to the storytelling of other titles. This episode didn't blow me away, but it does enough to set-up the finale which will hopefully ramp up the intensity a bit more.

+ Investigating the actions of the Crooked Man
+ New locations to explore with a few new characters
- Slower pace than the previous three episodes

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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- May 28th, 2014
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

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