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Follow the Leader

Fear. Respect. Community.

This is what you need to survive in the world of the Walking Dead game, a fact that was very evident in the first season, as well as the first parts of this second season. No one believes this more than Carver, the ruthless leader first introduced in episode two as he made his way into the cabin and came face to face with Clementine. 

After finishing that episode, I thought that things were going to make a turn for the worse for Clementine and her new group once Carver arrived, and after finishing In Harm's Way, this turned out to be mostly true, although the group does manage to find a way out, if only just barely.

Throughout the episode, you come to understand Carver's perspective on staying in a group and how to stay alive, although the punishment for disobeying him makes everyone else willing to do anything to try and escape once again. This makes for a very intense third episode and a great continuing second season with no slow-down in sight.

Clementine has been through a lot since she was under the care of Lee, and this episode really shows that in terms of her actions after certain choices have been made throughout In Harm's Way. While the beginning parts of the episode feature the usual multitude of casual dialogue options available to choose, there are some later choices that appear that carry some dangerous weight. 

The pacing of episode three kept me engaged more than any episode has done from season two so far, and it really drives home the fact that humans cause more trouble in this world than the undead appear to do.

Kenny's continued presence makes for some of the interesting choices to select dialogue wise in episode three as well, and sometimes it makes it tough to select a choice that is sufficient for him due to his history with Clementine in Season one and making one that may be preferred by the new group of characters who have now accepted Clementine into their unit.

In Harm's Way episode follows the traditional two-hour path from the previous episodes, although the intense flow of the conversations felt a little bit longer as you engage in some interesting conversations at Carver's home base with the several new and interesting characters including Reggie, a friendly survivor who is voiced by celebrity Kumail Nanjiani.


By the end of the episode, you're left wondering how much worse can it get for these survivors, who have been able to escape great harm several times, but never without losing someone important along the way. There's only two episodes left in the season, and I'm sure things will only continue to get harder for the group. 

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Overall, In Harm's Way creates an intense middle episode that will have you fully engaged until the end. Telltale's ability to craft engaging moments with player-chosen options seems to only be getting better and better with each release of their wonderful adventure titles.

+ Great pacing and intense character choices to make
+ Evolution of Clementine as she interacts with new characters
- The wait for the next episode!

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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- May 14th, 2014
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

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