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In the Army now

Lifeline puts players in the shoes of several soldiers who set up base in Danforth, a city that has fallen to the undead plague. Despite their current situation, the soldiers are still in contact with their commanding officers, who have provided orders to obtain VIP survivors that may have valuable information to help cure the rapidly spreading infection.   

This second piece of downloadable content for State of Decay provides hours of new gameplay to enjoy alongside several tweaks and updates to the base game, a few of which are elements that fans have wanted since the game was released last year. 

One great element about Lifeline that I really enjoyed is the new arsenal of weapons to use on the many zombies in Danforth. Weapons were important in State of Decay and the first DLC Breakdown, but you still had to be careful with dispensing of your ammunition. Since you're controlling soldiers, they have a substantially higher supply of ammo to utilize, which allows you to fire more often and experiment a bit more with the new weapons that are available to use throughout the content.

There's a devastating grenade launcher, Light-heavy machine guns, powerful shotguns, and a nice array of smgs and pistols to use, with many more available at the start of the content which can be found at your base supply tent with plenty of ammo to use.

Guns and ammo are great, but having them still doesn't make Lifeline a cakewalk like you may think it would. I actually found it to be more difficult than the original game, and lost quite a few VIPs due to the larger presence of zombies that appear in the content. You'll also have to be careful when your base gets attacked, which launches the game into a siege-type mode. 

Zombies will continually attack your base, so even when you're on a mission, it may be important to head back to base to prevent too much damage from occurring during these infected invasions.

Your set base in Lifeline is fairly big, and allows for many upgrades that help defend against these attacks, which you'll need if you plan on making it through the content. This part of the game makes you a bit more cautious when exploring, as you may never know when the next attack might happen.   

Aside from the new city to explore, which contains a great interstate full of ramps and new vehicles, Lifeline comes with the 'rucks and trucks' ability that fans have been wanting for the game. This ability essentially allows you to carry and store multiple rucksacks to the back of vehicles, allowing more supplies to be obtained with less trips required to the dangerous areas of Danforth. 

This crucial ability comes with a required title update to the game, so even if you don't grab Lifeline immediately, you'll still be able to utilize one of its most impressive features that can be used in the main game and in Breakdown

After using this ability, I can't wait to go back into my original save for State of Decay and gather important resources faster to better my chance of survival in the world. 

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Overall, State of Decay: Lifeline is a welcome addition to the State of Decay package, which provides hours of fun for $7. It's a great reason to go back to the game, and I can't wait to see what Undead Labs has planned next for the game in the future.

+ New location, weapons, and characters
+ Great new updates to the core SoD gameplay
+ Constant siege threat requires you to improve your base
- Slight difficulty spike compared to the original game

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Developer- Undead Labs
Publishers- Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date- May 30th, 2014
Price- $6.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

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