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If you're like me, you one day hope to attend E3, but I'm glad that I'll be able to check out all of the latest from the show, right from home thanks to all of the various gaming outlets that attend and provide livestreams for everyone to watch. Here's my overview of the big press conferences today, so read and enjoy! 


Games. Games. Games. 

That's what Microsoft focused on this year at E3 during their press conference, just as they did last year. Games that we already knew about or titles rumored to be coming were for Xbox One got were showcased including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, The Witcher 3, and Fable Legends.

There were also some nice surprises as well. New DLC was announced for Dead Rising 3 which features 4-player co-op modes with past protagonists from the series including like Chuck Greene and Frank West. 

The Halo Master Chief collection which sounded like a crazy rumor is actually true, and will feature Halo 1-4 with a seamless menu to navigate and will allow players to create a custom playlist of missions across those four games to play back to back.  

Pre-ordering that collection comes with a beta token for Halo 5, which will offer players a chance to check out the game's multiplayer later this year.

Ubisoft was also at the Microsoft conference and showed off Assassin's Creed Unity, an all new AC game with 4-player co-op. It looked incredible and appears to take advantage of Microsoft's new hardware. Their other big game, the Division, was also demoed and continues to impress. 

Microsoft did a great job of showing games that are set to arrive this year, next year, as well as independently developed titles. It was awesome to see Inside, the next game from Playdead, creators of the hit arcade title LIMBO. I'd give Microsoft's conference a solid grade as they displayed many games although I wish there were more new titles shown that would compel more gamers to pick up the console. 

Electronic Arts

EA started strong with their conference showing a behind the scenes look at development on Star Wars: Battlefront and sneak peeks at Bioware's new projects which includes a Mass Effect title and a new IP. It was a nice tease and I can't wait to learn more. They then went on to give new details on their 2014 sports line-up which includes the new Madden, PGA, and UFC title, all of which look very impressive.

Mirror's Edge was briefly discussed, and is set to contain a story that shows Faith's beginnings as a runner. You can check out a bit more in the video embedded below:

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks great which had some more time on the screen. Sales for that title are sure to be strong when it arrives in a few months. EA finished things out with a demo of Battlefield: Hardline, and announced that a beta for the game would be available today. Be sure to sign-up to check it out on PC and PS4. Both EA and Ubisoft have a ton of content coming for gamers, and 2015 will be the time when the major ones come out and seek to impress us all.


Ubisoft is riding high off the success of Watch Dogs, but they showed at their conference that they still have plenty of games coming to be excited about. Far Cry 4 opened the show and it looks to continue the great pattern of having an interesting villain to battle against as Far Cry 3 did. The game was also showed again at Sony's conference, and is set to arrive later this holiday season for most major platforms.

The Division was also shown a bit more, and looks like it will be a big hit when it arrives some time next year. 

Ubisoft has a lineup of titles that will reach different audiences, including their new fitness games and Just Dance, as well as The Crew and Rainbow Six: Siege, the nice surprise at the end which focused on a possible multiplayer mode scenario.

Overall, it was another great conference with a nice range of titles, some of which will be making its way to various consoles later this year.


Sony had a lot of content packed into their conference. While it was mostly games, the middle segments included hardware and media announcements that slowed down their pace just a bit, but it was fairly informational. PSVita TV is coming to the US for $99 and there's a White PS4 bundle coming for Destiny. 

Sony's plan is to get consumers to pick up a PS4 seems to include great exclusives as well as providing great PlayStation-only content for third-party titles, something that Microsoft does for certain titles as well.

Once again Sony showed great investment with Indie titles and had quite a few to display. This was led by the announcement of a remastered Grimm Fandango and the game that wowed viewers at last year's VGX: No Man's Sky. PlayStation Now was also detailed a bit more, and will have an open beta next month, so every PS4 user can check out titles that are stream-able from the console.

While it was just announced for Xbox One and PC, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be making its way to PS4 this Fall, which Sony was happy to announce first. The game will feature visual enhancements, as well as the ability to transfer GTA Online saves to PS4. Pretty awesome stuff!

The Last of Us: Remastered will be coming next month for PS4, but Naughty Dog closed the show with a brief in-game teaser for Uncharted 4. While very short, it was awesome to see and I can't wait for the full game which will hopefully come out next year.


Great games and announcements were made today at the press conferences, and more will come throughout the week. There's also the Nintendo conference tomorrow, who may have some stuff to show that will blow everyone away. Happy E3 week!

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