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If you're like me, you one day hope to attend E3, but I'm glad that I'll be able to check out all of the latest from the show, right from home thanks to all of the various gaming outlets that attend and provide livestreams for everyone to watch. Here's my overview of Nintendo's demonstration, so read and enjoy! 


Nintendo showed at their presentation a slew of new titles as well as updates for their existing 2014 line-up. The highlights to me include the reveal of their 2015 Zelda title, the Mario Maker game, new characters for Smash Bros., and the unveiling of of their Gamecube controller adapter for the Wii U. 

Despite their different approach to E3, Nintendo has shown that they are still a competitor in the hardware and software market and have given many great reasons why a Wii U should be set up in gamers' homes this year. 

This year Super Smash fans will be able to grab the game either on 3DS in October, or this holiday season when it arrives for the Wii U. Both versions look impressive, and Nintendo announced new characters for the game today, including the ability to use your Mii to battle against the main roster of characters.  

If you enjoy Smash playing with a Gamecube controller, you'll be able to grab the adapter that lets you use that controller for $19.99, which will allow up to four controllers to be connected to the Wii U. 

There's also a new Star Fox coming, as well as Kirby and an exclusive title from the creator of Ninja Gaiden, but without a doubt the first look at the new Zelda title stole the show. In the video above, the creator discusses the chance to create a fully open-world which will utilize the power of the Wii U to create a title that fans have been dreaming for since the N64 releases. 

When the game does release, I hope to have a Wii U ready and waiting to play through Link's latest adventure. 

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