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Lifeline is the second downloadable piece of content for State of Decay and features some great new ways to enjoy the core SoD gameplay. First up is 'Rucks in Trucks', a much requested feature that allows you to add rucksacks to the back of vehicles allowing more items to be obtained in the world with less trips required to the dangerous zombie infested world from your home base shelter.

The second is a brand new map to explore alongside a new cast of survivors, including the soldiers which you're able to control, who can be leveled up like the original group of people.

Just like with main game, things start off rather quickly, although you begin Lifeline with some serious firepower. The new content comes with an array of new weapons to use against the undead and you're able to be a bit less stingy with your weapons as ammo is not as scarce as usual. Simply put, you're able to fire at will and deal some real damage as you set out to complete the core Lifeline missions.

I'll have more to say on the content with my written review, so look out for that soon!

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