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The second piece of downloadable content for State of Decay is set to arrive this Friday for Xbox 360, Undead Labs have announced. State of Decay: Lifeline takes place in a new town with a new cast of characters to play and interact with along with a slew of new updates, including the ability to use vehicles to transport multiple ruck-sacks of items, a much requested feature among fans. All of this new content will be available for $6.99 when it arrives at the end of the week.

This new ability will be available to all State of Decay players via a title update, so it will work with the regular game and the first DLC package Breakdown.

No word just yet on the PC release of Lifeline, but I'm sure it will be announced soon.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the new DLC below!

[Source: Undead Labs]
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