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Wolf on the trail

A Crooked Mile features Bigby and Snow White searching for the suspected killer after Bigby discovers some daunting evidence. The episode's pacing starts out fairly high and kept increasing until the end, making it feel like a finale rather than the third act of this series. It's incredibly jam-packed for only lasting a few hours, and one that I may go through once again before the fourth episode arrives. 

Between this and The Walking Dead, Telltale have given adventure gamers high quality experiences on a fairly frequent level and appears to have no intention of slowing down.

What I enjoyed about this episode of the Wolf Among Us is how quickly it moves, although it never feels rushed in any way. Key choices that you'll get to make appear often in the episode, which really encourages re-playability more than the previous two episodes did in my opinion. 

I'd often make a choice and instantly become curious as to what would happen if I'd chosen another option, which you could say for most of the episodes of Telltale games, but it happened more for me during a Crooked Mile

During the ending parts of the episode, new characters are introduced that only add to the great roster and each of them offers up new questions as players attempt to solve the crimes that have occurred so far.

It's always a bit difficult for me to review episodes of Telltale games as the story is the main component for each of them, and something that I definitely don't want to ruin for new players. What I can say though is that the story and narrative are very strong in this episode, with new conflicts arising just as old ones get solved. 

Once you've reached the end of A Crooked Mile, you'll definitely see this pattern unfold as things are set-up for the penultimate episode.   

Presentation for the episode is essentially the same as the first two episodes, and includes several new locations to explore as well. Even when you have to visit older locations, there are new parts to most of them, so there's always something new to view.

The season pass issue from episode two has been resolved, so if you're a pass holder all you've got to do is download episode three from the menu. 

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There's only two episodes left, but I hope more Wolf Among Us content will be made afterward because what we've been given so far is incredible. From the atmosphere, characters, choices and pace, this episode shows why adventures games are back in a big way.

+ Incredible episode with lots to absorb 
+ Great actions moments when they occur
+ New characters to interact with
- Technical issues with the game and Season Pass

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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- April 9th, 2014
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

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