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To the Mountains

The Walking Dead's second episode of season two features more drastic choices to be made as Clementine makes her way north with the folks from the cabin. During the trip, you'll encounter old friends and new enemies, with the latter opening up the intense moments found in the final parts of this second episode. 

Pacing in A House Divided begins fairly slow but ramps up quickly towards the end, which is something that I found to contribute to the episode being one of the best among the entire first and current season of Telltale's Walking Dead games so far in my opinion. 

Overall, this episode is an enjoyable two-hour episode which focuses more on past of the new survivors, both before and after the world became overrun with zombies. 

A House Divided kicks off right after the conclusion of the first episode. Based on your choices then, you'll find yourself gearing up to return to the others, but your company will be decided on the last choice you made at the end of episode one. When you do return back to the cabin, you'll have to deal with an intense encounter with a new character which is fairly interesting, both in terms of the narrative and choices of dialogue options. 

This episode is fairly straight-forward, and most players will be able to get through with little hassle as puzzles don't really appear this time. For me personally, it's the moments that occur later in the episode that really grabbed me and held my attention for the conclusion of a House Divided.  

There seemed to be fewer performance issues in this episode to me, but the game still has a few occasional slow-down issues but do very little to hinder to overall experience. I'm sure this is only a console/mobile issue though, so players on PC can enjoy the game with little hiccups provided it's played with the right gaming set-up.     

What I really enjoyed about this specific episode of the game was that it deals with the conflicts made when your past and present collide. All of the survivors can set off a chain of events with the consequences not being revealed until later, much like reality can do sometimes in the real-world. 

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I hope episode three arrives soon, because the small teaser shown at the end of A House Divided shows that things are getting ready to change for Clementine and it'll be up to our decisions to decide if they're for the better or worse.  

+ Intense episode with new characters to interact with
+ The return of a former ally 
+ Great pacing
- Small technical issues and less puzzles so solve

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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- March 5th, 2014
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox 360

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