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The long wait for playable Heists in GTA Online may soon be over, as Rockstar has announced a slew of new updates coming this Spring. Along with this highly anticipated feature, there will also be DLC titled High Life, which will bring new vehicles, apartments, and the ability to own multiple apartments, so the money earned online will be very useful to players soon.

Having Multiple properties is a much requested feature from fans, and it looks like Rockstar will answer when the High Life Update comes out.

Content Creators will also be happy to know that there will be editable Capture modes, so soon you'll be able to create deathmatch, races, and capture modes for players to download with the chance that Rockstar will verify the coolest creations.

Refinements will also be coming to GTA Online like the reversal of the game physics for stunt players, meaning the changes made to how bikes and cars behave online will be more like the offline mode, so tricks will be easier to pull of.

It's nice to see how committed Rockstar is to the online portion of their biggest game, and soon we'll all get to check out these new updates!

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire]

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