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Would She Kindly

As the second episode and final piece of downloadable content for Bioshock Infinite, Burial at Sea part episode two had to arrive with some satisfying content to appease gamers, which I believe it does. The episode kicks off right after the events from the first episode's ending and puts players into the perspective of Elizabeth as she sets out to complete her goals in Rapture. 

Aside from this character shift from a narrative perspective, the change to Elizabeth also introduces stealth as a major component to the episode, giving it a stark difference from the main game of Infinite and the first Burial at Sea episode. You may find yourself surprised about how fun it is to sneak around Rapture rather than fight, and the episode has many ways to help you accomplish this both in terms of the environment and weaponry you're given.   

While the wait was a bit long for this content, Burial at Sea Episode 2 is worth playing and gives fans a great goodbye from Irrational Games as they move on to new titles following their company restructure.  

In this episode, Elizabeth has access to some new vigors/plasmids as well as the new crossbow which is gained in the early part of the content. This devastating new item really comes in handy as both a stealth and long-range form of attacking enemies, which you'll definitely need in the later parts of the content. 

Combat ultimately isn't as frequent as it usually is, but when playing as Elizabeth you're not really going through blasting everyone as you would as Booker. This means you'll have to approach situations a bit differently than before, especially since Elizabeth can only knock out enemies with a melee attack from behind or simply knock them back with a frontal attack so guns will be your best bet, so you'll need distance to really be effective.

In this second episode, enemies have an alert indicator around their head, which indicates how close they are to being alerted to Elizabeth's presence. While detection doesn't warrant a failure, I felt like it was better to avoid certain combat situations as much as possible or simply attack from afar, a feature which feels right at home with the DLC.    

Gameplay-wise, Burial at Sea Episode 2 contains about 3-5 hours of content with a story that is both new and old regarding the Irrational developed titles of Bioshock games. You'll see old and new faces from the franchise, and their appearances help add to the engaging story. Although I wish the content was a bit longer, especially for the asking price of $15 per episode, it's very well done in terms of the quality so if you do pick it up you'll be treated to DLC with retail production value.     

Recent Reviews

Burial at Sea Episode two concludes the Infinite story and comes full circle in the Bioshock universe. If you've played all the Bioshock titles you get a nice understanding of the whole picture, but even if you haven't the story is still very logical in the end. Both the Burial at Sea episodes together would make a nice game, something that will be worth playing back to back down the line if you get a Bioshock itch.

+ Great conclusion to the Burial at Sea story 
+ Playing as Elizabeth and the stealth mechanics
+ The awesome crossbow and Rapture environment
- Wish there were more new plasmids to utilize

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Developer- Irrational Games
Publishers- 2K Games
Release Date- March 25th, 2014
Price- $14.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox 360

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