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Makin' Money with Friends

When Grand Theft Auto Online was released last October, it arrived with major server issues that stopped players from fully diving into the experience for about a week after it had gone online. My original plan was to review the online portion after it was stable and when online heists went live, but while it's fully playable now, the biggest current features for GTA Online are just now becoming available or will be sometime this year. 

Instead of reviewing it as a complete package, I thought I would do an overview of the online portion of GTA 5.

Those who follow CVG's GTA V o' clock series will know that there are possible hints for bigger things to come for GTA Online, so we can all hope that the game finds its way onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in the future, so that this component can become bigger and coincide with the major open-world release from Rockstar that only comes around every 4+ years. 

With GTA Online on PS3 and 360, there's still plenty of reasons to play, and now that the content creator has been released, creativity in the modes will help keep players invested in exploring San Andreas as their online persona.

Since October, I've put in around 40+ hours in GTA Online, with most of that time spent fooling around the open-world with friends. Nowadays though, some of those friends are unavailable when I'm on to play to play and vice versa, which makes the component feel a bit less worth playing unless you have a crew to play with.

Heists are the last major elements of GTA Online that players are still waiting for, so let's hope that they come soon. Overall, GTA Online is great to play, but only when you have plenty of others to interact with as you all seek out to wreak havoc or just fool around for a few hours in Los Santos.

Developer- Rockstar North
Publishers- Rockstar Games
Release Date- October 1st, 2013
Price- Free with GTA V

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