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If you love fast paced FPS games, then be sure to check out Rekoil for today's XBLA release. The shooter published by 505 games promises to deliver classic arcade style gameplay and rewards those who aim true as you attempt to take out the opposition

I miss games like this, so I'll be checking it out as well. You should too!

The full version of Rekoil will cost $14.99 and requires 654 MB of space.

"Frag your enemies back to the stone age! Set in a world devastated by an unrelenting pandemic, Rekoil is a fast action & highly balanced arena shooter that allows players to frag each other to oblivion. With 7 different game modes, 10 maps, & 40 different weapons, Rekoil is the action FPS refined to its purest form ensuring the fun is maximized & the best player with the greatest skills & most points wins. Whether you enjoy run & gun, or prefer a tactical setup, play the way you want to play."

Link To Game Page- Rekoil

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