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-Review Disclaimer-

A copy of Breakdown was provided for reviewing purposes by Undead Labs

Never ending Apocalypse

State of Decay: Breakdown is the first piece of downloadable content from Undead Labs, and does alot to satisfy players who want more from the base game of SoD in terms of pure survival and freedom to explore. 

Breakdown contains no new story game elements, meaning you can simply scavenge and fight off zombies without the need to advance the plot, giving you a chance to really dig into the heart of the game and play out your survivor scenarios as if you're Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead.  

This content also provides a challenge that is welcomed both in terms of the undead horde who increase in numbers and strength as you progress, as well as the tough choices of what items and which people to take with you when it's time to pack up in the RV and leave for a new version of the same map with harder enemies and less items. 

Breakdown adds hours upon hours of fun, and the asking price of $6.99 is a great deal for this robust piece of DLC.

After grabbing the small download, Breakdown is presented as a menu option right alongside the original game, so saves and leaderboard scores are kept separate from the original game. 

Once you select to play the new content, you're able to view the characters you can play as, with a random option serving as the initial available choice with playable heroes who must be unlocked by completing specific challenges that range in difficulty as the other option available. 

Wanna play as the ninja survivor? Be prepared to rack up some stealth kills, a task that is easier said than done alongside the many new challenges to unlock the other characters available for use. 

The random option puts you as a regular survivor with a random set of inventory items and then you're off to find a place to stay. While survival is the basic feature, you'll still need to search for the RV if you plan on making it to the next town, which is the same land but with a tougher challenge each time. 

You can choose to stay on the first map of Breakdown, but you'll eventually run out of supplies, so leaving will be the only way to keep going and prove your might as a survivor. 

To leave, you'll have the find the randomly placed RV, repair the vehicle, and choose who to take with you. It's important to focus on this task, but you'll still have to search for new survivors, build up your inventory of useful items, and swap out characters to reduce fatigue and damage.

Most of the achievements and challenges go up to level 6, but you can keep going, if you're able to withstand the horde that becomes more menacing each level afterwards.

In the regular version of State of Decay, I barely lost characters toward the end of the game because I had a nice amount of supplies and upgraded the area where I was living, but in Breakdown I wasn't so successful at keeping people alive. 

The content in Breakdown is meant to be challenging which I really enjoy about the content, and I've had to unfortunately see several of my characters get ripped apart as I progressed. 

Some may be put off at this element, but it's what really makes Breakdown worth playing in my opinion. So be careful, avoid large groups, and your chances of survival will greatly increase. 

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Overall, Breakdown is made for those who want more out of State of Decay, with less of the story getting in your way. It's challenging, fun, rewarding and can provide hours of content as you check out the new weapons and heroes to utilize. 

+ Gameplay challenges and playable heroes to unlock
+ Fair asking price for what is provided
+ Sandbox play

- No new vehicles to cruise around in and locations to explore

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Developer- Undead Labs
Publishers- Microsoft Studios
Release Date- November 29th, 2013
Price- $6.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

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