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11/15/13 11:00AM |

Hop in and out of the shadows in Contrast, today's new release on XBLA. This neat looking title has players taking control of an imaginary friend of a child who can move between the environment to solve puzzles and traverse the world. The game will also be making its way to PlayStation 4 as a free game for Plus subscribers, so be sure to give it a look if you're getting the new console!

The full version of Contrast will cost $14.99 and requires 293 MB of space.

"CONTRAST is a platform/puzzle game where you can move between a fantastic 3D world and a mysterious shadowy universe in 2D. You play Dawn, the imaginary friend of a young girl named Didi. Together, they will delve into a dreamlike and surreal 1920s world, inspired by the performance art world of vaudeville and film noir, and cradled by a jazzy atmosphere."

Link To Game Page- Contrast

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