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Last night on Spike during the launch celebration for the PlayStation 4, Longtime Sony developer Naughty Dog was there to provide details on its upcoming story DLC for The Last of Us, as well as a teaser for their new PS4 project.

Titled the Last of Us: Left Behind, the content will have players controlling Ellie alongside her best friend Riley. No date has been confirmed yet for the content, but will included as part of the game's season pass, and can also be pre-ordered separately for $14.99.

After this was announced, Naughty Dog left with a teaser video of a new Uncharted title in development for PS4, which you can check out below.

If you plan on picking up a PS4 in the future, it looks like Naughty Dog will be ready and waiting to continue their trend of providing great games for everyone to play!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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