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The first pack for GTA Online is here with the free Beach Bum Update. The update contains several new missions, jobs, weapons and vehicles as well as a patch for the game that fixes several issues including the duration of being labeled a bad sport, preventing the vehicle duplication glitch where players can re-sell cars for fast money, and a slew of others that hindered the overall online experience. 

The new weapons and vehicles found the pack will also be available in the single player portion of GTA V, online or alone you can enjoy the new items that the Beach Bum pack contains.

"Chill out with the free Beach Bum Update featuring all new beach-inspired customization options including striped board shorts, neon short shorts, inane tribal tattoos and shaggy hair. Cruise the Great Ocean Highway in new vehicles including the Paradise beach van, Bifta dune buggy, or take to the seas in the luxurious Speeder speedboat. Compete in new activities around the beaches of Los Santos and Blaine County including new Races, Deathmatches, Parachuting, Gang Attacks and more, or totally ruin everyone’s vibe with new weapons like the brutal new broken bottle melee weapon and SNS Pistol."

Here's hoping the content creator and online heists are right around the corner after this update!

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]

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