Posted by : Unknown Friday, October 18, 2013

10/18/13 1:00PM |

Today's XBLA Friday release is Alien Rage, a recent Steam release for PC boasting some impressive visuals with some frenetic gameplay thrown in. 

While it has no multiplayer, you'll still be able to see how you fair against other players with the leaderboards if you want to grab the full version of the game. 

Check it out!

Alien Rage will cost $14.99 and requires 1.71 GB of space.

"Alien Rage is an action-packed, hard-core first-person shooter that will have you facing off against armies of the nastiest Alien forces ever encountered. Battle beastly-sized bosses relentlessly attacking you from every direction, hell-bent on taking you down. Tons of powerful dual-mode weapons, 14 intense levels, massive shootouts, destructible environments and over-the-top fast paced gameplay."

Link To Game Page- Alien Rage

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