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Beginning next week, Rockstar Games will be adding 500K to every GTA Online player account since launch to help alleviate some of the launch woes of their online game, which has caused character deletions, disappearing purchased vehicles, and general connection issues. 

While these problems are being resolved and have been for most players, the issues haven't fully been squashed just yet.

Money is key in GTA Online, and Rockstar Games will be depositing two 250K installments into players' online bank accounts, which should help recoup some of their lost items. 

Spent wisely, Half a million in GTA Online can get you a luxury apartment with a planning board required for heists when they become available, and plenty to spare to upgrade weapons and buy new clothes and vehicles.

The first installment of money is expected to arrive next week, with the second one arriving before the month is over.

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire]

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