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Those holding out for the $500,000 coming to GTA Online will be waiting a bit longer, Rockstar Games has announced. The main reasoning for the delay is that the developers want to ensure that the remaining issues in GTA Online are remedied so the money won't disappear from player accounts when it gets deposited. 

A new patch will be coming next week to help, and then the money will given to players.

Rockstar also laid out their plans for release when it comes to the Beach Bum pack and the Content Creator. These new pieces of content will be arriving later next month, alongside Social Club events, and in-game crate drops, which will contain some extra goodies for players.

 Aside from this new content, Rockstar will be adding new Survival, Races, Last Man Standing and Deathmatches down the line as well.

The initial Content Creator features will include the ability to create deathmatches and race events, but will eventually have support for creating your very own missions. Rockstar will be able to monitor creations, and even highlight the best ones for every player to check out.

GTA Online's first month was rocky at the start, but soon it will be improving greatly so everyone can have a fun time with it.

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire]

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