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The work continues for Rockstar when it comes to getting the major issues of GTA online fixed so everyone can fully enjoy it, and today marks another step with the latest update for the game. 

Today's patch, which is available for both 360 and PS3, addresses several issues including the disappearance and duplication of purchased vehicles in player bought garages, the amount of money lost when killed in free-roam which is now $500, and several others, including better available characters when selecting the random option for character creation, reducing the loading times, and fixing the exploit that allowed players to sell personal vehicles repeatedly.

Aside from the update, the game is now available for download for Xbox 360 via Games on Demand. The required space is 16GB, with players first downloading a 7.63 GB file, and then the rest will be finished from launching the game. It is available for $59.99.

The $500,000 stimulus package will also still be coming, and Rockstar has now stated that the first installment of $250,000 should be in everyone's online account sometime next week.

Once heists and the content creator become available and everyone can fully enjoy the online experience without major issues, I'll get writing on a review of GTA Online. What I can say now is that despite the issues, I'm having a blast with it and have put in a few hours each day since the first major update.

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire]

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