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The XBLA best selling original title will be heading to Steam later this year, but if you want to check it out much sooner, State of Decay will be available on Steam for $20 tomorrow. 

This early access version of the game will require an Xbox 360 or similar USB controller to use, as Undead Labs continues to tweak the game for keyboard use.

If you buy the game tomorrow, you'll receive updates to the game, as well as the official PC version at no extra charge. This is similar to what was done with Minecraft on PC as well, which allowed players to give feedback on the game and a chance to play it early.

From Undead Labs:

"What you’ll see this Friday, if you choose to join forces with us to make the PC version kick ass, is a test version. It’s not ready to be reviewed. It will not be perfect. It may still have crashes. What it won’t have is a keyboard and mouse interface…not at first. Why not? Over the next however many weeks, we will be putting up versions of the keyboard interface and using your comments and feedback to make it awesome. Right this minute, the Early Access version requires an Xbox 360 controller (or a compatible 3rd-party controller, although we haven’t done much testing with those yet)."

State of Decay is among my top games this year, and I'm sure it will continue to be awesome on PC!

[Source: Undead Labs]

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