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While some of the sharing plans for Xbox One have changed with the removal of the connectivity requirements, there will still be great ways to share content, as announced on Major Nelson's blog today.

In the posting, it details the sharing features which was written in letter form by Marc Whitten, detailing how Xbox One Gold members can share their features with family members in one household, or with friends as long as they are logged in at their house.

Digital Sharing:

This basically works the same way as it does with Xbox 360 games, except it also takes into account the number of users on the console. Anyone who has an account on your Xbox One, can play the titles that you buy, and vice-versa. If you were to go to a friend's place, logging in to your account would let them play your games, but not after you logged out of their console.

As with the PS3 and PS4, digital games on Xbox One can also be played after a portion of the game has been downloaded, reducing the waiting you'll have to do when getting a new title. Pretty neat stuff!

Home Gold:

As with the sharing of games, Home Gold allows others on your console to utilize the features of Xbox Live Gold without the need to buy a Gold membership themselves. This would include party chatting, online gameplay, and the usage of Apps like Skype, Internet Explorer, and YouTube.

This would also work at a friend's place, as long as you were logged in to their console.

Xbox One had me iffy before the changes, as I wrote about in My Two Caps, but these new features and changes they are making to the console may make me consider picking one up down the line.

Look out for more information soon, as Microsoft plans to show more at Gamescom and Pax very soon.

[Source: Major Nelson's Blog]

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