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My Two Caps are opinion pieces regarding current events in the gaming industry. They are my personal thoughts, my two cents if you will, but I love the Fallout games, so I made it caps instead. Please don't sue me!

Refreshing Duty

When a new Call of Duty arrives nowadays, I'm usually one to pick it up on the day of release, go through the game's campaign mode, and then play multiplayer for a month or so with friends before moving on to new titles to play. It wasn't always like that though -- Call of Duty 4 changed the multiplayer front for many players, and it had me hooked for months on end. From there, each release had me playing the game less and less, but I still enjoyed my time with the games.

While I have no problem with the series arriving each year, it was beginning to lose my attention more and more each time. This is why I hope that Call of Duty: Ghosts will change things a bit, and from the game's multiplayer reveal, that looks to be the case with some of the cool new features it brings to the table for the popular online mode.

Ghosts doesn't look to revolutionize things like the original Modern Warfare did, but instead reinvigorate multiplayer a bit by adding in some great elements that have been around in various other multiplayer titles.

We all love to create and customize characters, whether its playing games like Mass Effect, Saints Row, Skyrim or Fallout, and that also goes for online titles like Halo and the wide array of MMOs to check out. This new addition of customizing your soldiers in Ghosts is very welcome, and now we'll be able to customize our own group of A.I soldiers and create personal squad members to use and level up in the game's new multiplayer modes.

I love playing games with bots, and COD: Ghosts is taking that further by giving everyone options whether they want to play online or offline with friends or downloaded squads.

While not every bit of the game's maps will be destructible like the earlier Red Faction titles or the upcoming Battlefield 4, Ghosts has a few dynamic map setups, so specific areas of the game can be changed with explosives to mix up the layout a bit and can even catch enemies off guard with surprise attacks. So many people play the game though, so these traps will probably all be discovered Day 1, but there's always DLC!

Developers on the game have discussed the advantages of next generation hardware, but if you plan on picking up the game for 360 and PS3, you won't be missing out on everything Ghosts has to offer. From what I've read about the game, the visual and sound fidelity of the game will be impressive on the next gen consoles, but current gen versions will still look great and contain everything that the new versions will have.

Another neat thing about the game is that if you were to purchase the 360 version and buy the Season pass, you could later transfer your COD information and the DLC to the Xbox One, and this also pertains to the PS3 and PS4 versions as well.

When November 5th comes around, we'll truly see how long Call of Duty: Ghosts will stay in our game trays, but if everything in the reveal was accurate, the answer may be for quite some time!

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