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Today marks the release of the final DLC for Dishonored, as well as the sequel to the popular bank robbing game that originally appeared on the PSN. PAYDAY 2 is now available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

The game can be downloaded right now on PSN and Steam, with a Games On Demand version coming soon for Xbox Live. This $40 title is best played with friends as you can team up to perform bank heists being as careful or brutal as you want to be.

Dishonored fans can enjoy one more piece of content for the game, as they take control of Daud, who was featured in the previous downloadable content for the game. The Brigmore Witches can be purchased for $10.

Next week brings forth some hot new titles as well, with Disney Infinity arriving on August 18th, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Saints Row IV on the 20th, and the HD remake of the classic Flashback game as the third title in this year's Summer of Arcade.

The summer drought of games is finally coming to an end!

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