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As with the Initiation Station for Saints Row: The Third, the Inauguration Station for the 4th Saints Row title gives players a chance to create their character before the game's release on August 20th. Clothing and Tattoos can be customized in the creation process as well, and now voices can be changed with a pitch option.

In the full game, players can also download their original character from Saints Row: The Third, as well as many other user created Saints.

Download the Inauguration Station today for 360, PC, and PS3!

"Upload characters created or modified in the "Inauguration Station" to play with them in Saints Row IV. Tip: You can download your Saints Row: The Third characters to update them for Saints Row IV. Browse an online gallery to view thousands of shared community characters."

Link To Content- SR4 Inauguration Station (1.23 GB)

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