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I've decided to stop using the regular stars that I've had since 2008, and have created new icons to accompany my reviews. These new rating icons can be seen at the end of my game reviews, but hopefully throughout the review you can get a feel of what I may give the game for an overall score.

I'm also going with a common 1-5 score, and won't be using half points too. Below are the new icons and a simple description of each of the points:

Thanks for reading!

I don't give these out often, but if a game gets this, it's probably not worth your time. It may contain too many issues to be fun, or it lacks the modern requirements to work properly.

This may be a game with an interesting idea or mechanic, but still fails to be worthy of a play.

A fairly good game worth checking out despite a few flaws or hiccups that may hinder the overall experience.

A great game that you have to check out. I like it, so hopefully you will too!

An awesome game that I really enjoyed. Worth your time, money, and contains plenty of great features throughout. Games that usually get this are titles that I'm looking forward too myself, but I will still remain neutral and explain why I enjoyed it so much.

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