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Pacific Rim arrives in theatres today and it becomes yet another title to get a videogame release. That would normally be bad news, but the game is actually pretty neat. I've only messed around a bit in the trial, which lets you play the game's tutorial and offline mulitplayer with another person, but the main gameplay seems solid enough.

Basically it's an 1v1 arena fighting game, but it includes some gameplay mechanics that the movies uses in regards of controlling the machines and the alien monsters.

I saw the movie earlier today and really enjoyed it, so I may pick up the game at some point. Be sure to check out the trial and play with a friend!

If you want to buy the full version of Pacific Rim, it will cost you 800 MSP ($10).

"Action-fighting game based on the film, "Pacific Rim". Play as giant man-made robots called "Jaegers" or monstrous "Kaiju" in the greatest battle mankind has yet to see. Enjoy battles on an epic scale that feature blades, plasma cannons, flamethrowers, and other weapons. Customize Jaegers and Kaiju using EXP earned from battles, and battle against other players online. The key to the greatest war in the history of mankind rests in your hands!"

Link To Trial- Pacific Rim trial (278 MB)

Link To Full Game- Pacific Rim (800 MSP)

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