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How many discs will Grand Theft Auto V come on when it releases on 360? When can we see some actual gameplay? Can I drive around and mess with the other playable characters?

These are just a few of the questions that have been asked by fans of GTA, and many were answered today as Rockstar posted another one of their Q&A's taken directly from GTA fans.

According to Rockstar, the game will be on two discs on Xbox 360, with Disc One to be used for installing 8GB of data to the hard drive. Once this is done, players will then only need to insert Disc Two into the tray to play singleplayer and multiplayer. The PS3 version of the game will come on one Blu-Ray disc, and will also require an 8GB installation.

Rockstar also teased that an upcoming gameplay video of Grand Theft Auto V will be shown, so players can get an early peek at the game before it's September launch. They also stated that more information regarding weapon and vehicle customization and multiplayer details will be given before the game's launch.

My excitement for this game is already pretty high, and I can't wait to learn more about the game in the coming months. Be sure to check out the full Q&A, which is linked below!

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire]

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