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Developer- Telltale Games
Publishers- Telltale Games
Release Date- June 5th, 2013
Price- $4.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

400 Days Gone By

400 Days offers a bit over an hour of more great story telling and tense moments that Telltale provided with season one of the Walking Dead game. In it, you'll jump into the shoes of five different characters as they live out various points after the world becomes overrun with walkers, bandits, and people just looking to survive in their new world full of the undead.

While this content is short in terms of game duration, it still contains the excellent production values that Telltale is known for and gives players a nice way to help ease the wait for the upcoming second season of the game.

Gameplay and Presentation-wise, 400 Days doesn't really differ that much from season one, but there are a few more action-based moments that occur throughout the experience, usually prompting you to fire a weapon or sneak around certain areas of the game. You'll also get to see a bit more of the surrounding Georgia area in the game, but everything centers around a central location that pops up in every character's story, which is also seen at different times giving you different ways to view the same area and with different people involved in the events that surround the area.

Most of the sections that you play in the episode last around 20 minutes per character, but things can still get pretty tense in that small time-frame. Life and Death decisions will need to be made, and the results can even carry into different stories, which can be played in order without interrupting the story flow that the episode brings. The short play-time is actually pretty nice, since you can go back and check out what would happen if you made different choices, something that would have taken much longer in season one of the game.

Getting through 400 Days is fairly straight-forward process. Puzzles don't really appear in the episode, and exploration is more limited, but this is still a worthy episode that shows how the various survivors have taken to their unfortunate situations. There are shining glimmers of hope in each, even though blood may have to be spilled to get there. This is just an all-around nice piece of DLC that can be completed in one sitting, and something that I will probably go back to right before season two is released.

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days is definitely worth the $5 asking price, and gives a little more of what everyone enjoyed about the other episodes in a nice small chunk. The voice-acting is once again very well done, as well as the game's atmosphere, making this another great outing with the Walking Dead material by Telltale.

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