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Developer- IndiePub
Publishers- Bigben Interactive
Release Date- June 14th, 2013
Price- $9.99 MSRP
Review Platform- Xbox Live Arcade

Burning Rubber with Flames

Fireburst contains a very interesting nitro mechanic. No matter which character you choose to play as, their vehicle has the ability to utilize nitro boost to gain an edge in terms of speed. This is something most arcade racers possess, but Fireburst is unique because using nitro heats up the vehicle's engine, and too much boosting will result in a fiery crash, knocking you back a few places as your character gets reset in the various races. Add in red barrels that heat your car, and blue ones that cool it down, and Fireburst becomes a racer where you have to tread lightly on the track – all while trying to be in 1st place.

This creates for a fun experience, but one that is a bit more challenging than most racers usual bring to the table.

The bulk of my time with Fireburst was spent in the game's racing league, a mode where challenges are given from the initial cast of 8 players. Successfully completing their specific challenges unlocks an additional character, so in total there can be sixteen racers to choose from. The racers all have bits of unique dialogue that are a bit cheesy, but it goes well with the atmosphere that Fireburst contains.

Racing challenges for each character range from completing tracks in a timely manner, killing a set number of opposing drivers, or other various tasks where you have to manage your nitro usage. The variety is welcome, but no matter which type of challenge you are given, their range in difficulty takes a little getting used to. I was able to breeze through certain challenges, while others got the best of me most of the time I tried to beat them.

Instead of just pushing through with a specific challenge, I would just simply hop to another racer, and then come back later to try again with the other.

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If challenges aren't your thing, you can easily hop into races with the quick race option, which puts you into random tracks with a random racer. This was my favorite thing to do, since I could simply sit back and race, which is a great option if you want to play mulitplayer with friends, either online or off via the four player split-screen modes.

Destruction is the other main mode, and it's pretty fun. With this mode the objective is simple, but you'll have to utilize the nitro to gain enough power to destroy cars while being careful to not get your vehicle hot enough to explode.

With an interesting mechanic to go with the fun gameplay, Fireburst is worth checking out if you enjoy arcade style racers with a cast of quirky characters to play with.

Review Disclaimer: A copy of the game was provided for reviewing purposes by IndiePub.

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