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I think State of Decay might be one of the most impressive XBLA games I've played in terms of the size and scope of the game. What Undead Labs has been able to do with 1.8 GB of space while utilizing CryEngine 3 is pretty remarkable, and you don't really understand how everything comes together until you sit down and play for yourself.

Does State of Decay deserve to cost $20 alongside the block sensation that is Minecraft? The answer, at least in my opinion for the five hours I've already put into the game, is absolutely.

After the game finished downloading, I loaded it up, started a new game, and then took control of Marcus, the first of many characters you can control, granted they're in your community as a friend. There are no cut-scenes explaining the situation - you just begin to swing away at zombies alongside your camping buddy Ed. The game never stops to tell you what to do or how to play. You're just given quick tips and explanations on how things work - then the rest is up to you.

Wanna explore a bit for supplies? Go ahead. Wish to simply plow down the storyline missions? No problem. Of course, some things are heavily suggested to you, and usually they are pretty helpful, so the freedom is there but the game does ask that you check out some stuff, which is fine by me.

As of right now, I'm still hanging around the first real main base in town you're given access too, but as the number of survivors that I bring back increase, so does the amount of resources required to take care of them.

I've got 8 beds that people can use, but 11 people, so right now I've been focusing on finding resources that can help build more places for people to rest. I'm quickly learning that in this world, trying to simply survive the zombie out outbreak isn't going to be easy like other zombie games out there.

Plowing through this game in a weekend doesn't seem like the best way to review an experience like this, so I plan to have a review ready next week once I've put in some serious time with the game. So far though, this may really be the zombie game that we've been hoping for.

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