Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 has been rumored to be released as a PS4 title for quite some time, but today Sony and Polyphony Digital have put that rumor to rest with the announcement that the game will be available later this year, but for the PlayStation 3.

Sony stated in their press release for the title that Gran Turismo 6 will boast 1,200 vehicles, including every vehicle that was available to drive in Gran Turismo 5. Every track from Gran Turismo 5 will also appear, along with tracks in seven new locations.

This is a pretty interesting move because Sony shows that they will continue to support the PlayStation 3 with exlcusive titles depsite have their new console available toward to the end of this year. With no confirmation regarding backwards compability for the PS4, the announcement gives players another reason to hold onto their PS3.

Check out the announcement trailer for Gran Turismo 6 below!

[Source: Polygon]

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