Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft just finished their unveiling of the new Xbox, now called Xbox One officially. Here are some of the highlights I got out of the presentation below:

-Instant Switching between Games, Movies, TV, and Apps

-500 GB of storage, Blu-Ray Drive, 8GB of RAM

-Sleek new controller with specific vibration features in each trigger

-Record, Edit, and Share Gameplay

-FIFA, LIVE, MADDEN, AND UFC coming in the next 12 months

-EA Sports Ignite engine for Next-Gen titles

-Forza Motorsport 5 coming at launch for Xbox One

-New Remedy title announced called Quantum Break

-Eight new franchises to be announced for Xbox One

-Live Action Halo television series announced, will be worked on by Steven Speilberg

-Exclusive Deal with the NFL to launch Sports TV content

-Call of Duty: Ghosts debuted with a demonstration of the new visuals, and small tidbits about the gameplay

-Players can lean, customize their character in multiplayer, and once again Xbox will have the new DLC before any other platform

-Xbox One to launch later this year

Details outside the presentation are also coming in, including the fact that you WILL be able to play games offline, and Xbox 360 games will not be playable on Xbox One, so keep those consoles!

Overall, the TV features and console features of the Xbox One seem neat, but for games, we will need to see what they have in store at E3 in a few weeks.

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