Posted by : Unknown Saturday, October 6, 2012

If you've been playing a ton of Trials Evolution and have been waiting for more content, that wait is over as the Origins of Pain DLC is now available. For $5 (400 MSP), you'll have access to 36 new tracks, extra skill games, a BMX bike to use, and more options and a bigger area for creating tracks.

"Slip off into the dream world and go on an aerial adventure as NiGHTS in this classic Saturn remake. Collect Ideya (colored orbs), rack up points, and battle bosses to help Elliot and Claris save Nightopia from Wizeman the Wicked. With all 7 original dreams, enhanced graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and playable content from Christmas NiGHTS, this beloved title is back and better than ever."

Link To Content- Origins of Pain DLC (400 MSP | 980 MB)

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