Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today marks the release of Resident Evil 6 and NBA 2K13, out now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. RE6 has been receiving a mixture of positive and negative reviews, so check out the demo of the game and the reviews if you're still unsure about picking it up. 2K games are the undisputed kings of current basketball games, and more so this year as EA has canceled their NBA Live 2013 and hope to have the game return in 2013.

Other notable releases this week include Sonic Adventure 2 HD and NiGHTS into Dreams HD for Xbox Live Arcade. Both games will be coming out Friday, so for the first time in a while, there will be no XBLA Wednesday. Both of those titles will be $10 (800 MSP).

Last, but not least is the US demo for Silent Hill: Book of Memories for Vita, as well as the release of 40 more PS1 games available for direct download to the portable console.

Have a great week of gaming!

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