Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, August 8, 2012

While 5th Cell are known for Scribblenauts, there new game is different departure with Hybrid, The latest Summer of Arcade game release. Featuring a unique third-person cover mechanic and control scheme, Hybrid promises fun action and fluid movement throughout the battlefield. The beta for the game was pretty fun, and now everyone can see for themselves with either the trial or full game. Like most of the arcade releases, Hybrid will cost you $15 (1200 MSP).

"Hybrid is a multiplayer third person shooter in which two factions fight for world domination on a persistent world map. Take control of a soldier fighting for the Paladins or the Variants as they race to control the world's most powerful resource; Dark Matter. Your victories on the battlefield directly affect the course of the war!"

[Trial- Hybrid trial (1.59 GB)]

[Full Game- Hybrid (1200 MSP)]

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