Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nintendo’s conference was a chance to show games for the Wii U and hopefully detail the console’s release date, price and launch line-up. While they did have several games on display for the 3DS and Wii U, no release or price was given, and not enough games were shown. Pikmin 3 was announced and demoed which was great as well as New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Luigi’s Mansion 2, but nothing about a new Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, Zelda, or Metroid.

Nintendo did show more in terms of third-party support – with Ubisoft coming on stage to show Just Dance 4 and ZombiU. WB games was also there to show Arkham City: Armored, a new version of the latest batman game with exclusive content and motion controls, as well as utilizing the Wii U gamepad screen. Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Darksiders 2 are all third-party games that will be making their way to the Wii U during its launch period.

For first-party titles, Nintendo showed the open world Lego City Undercover, Nintendo-land, and Mario Bros. U. There is also a new version of Wii Fit coming call Wii Fit U.

Overall Nintendo showed more of the Wii U, but is still holding back on price announcements and release dates. They did good, but last year’s conference was a bit better in my opinion.

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