Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Silent Assassin is at it again, as the HOPE News Times paper tells us. Below you'll find the latest issue of the fictional newspaper featured in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution. The featured article details the suspicious death of Joe the Plumber, most likely the latest hit pulled off by Agent 47.

How would you take them out?

Hitman Absolution is set to be released on November 20th, 2012.

“The friendly town of Hope remains traumatized in the wake of a shoot-out at a local social club. According to police, 14 innocent men were found riddled with bullets in what seems to be an unprecedented display of firearm accuracy. No gunshots were heard during the reported time of the event, and the preliminary ballistics report implies the entire ordeal may have occurred in a matter of seconds. Addressing the public at today’s small press conference, Sheriff Skurky warned ‘I don’t care if we’re hunting a ghost. Whoever this silent assassin is, he’ll eventually have to face me!’ (cont. p.2)”

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