Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, May 16, 2012

While Content Collection 2 comes out next week for Modern Warfare 3, this week marks the release of some free content for the game. Face off is a new 2v2 or 1v1 playlist featuring new smaller maps, and today's free release features 2 of the maps that will be available for the playlist. Here's a video explaining the content from IGN, and below that is a link to the content!

"Erosion: Make your way through Mediterranean ruins and ancient aqueducts, using leftover Roman masonry for thousand-year-old cover in this new “Face Off” map. Aground: Head to Scotland’s Orkney Islands for the latest “Face Off” map, where treacherous cliff faces, networks of caves and the rusted and ruined remains of a grounded transport ship provide for constant combat."

Link To Content- Free to Public - Erosion/Aground (157 MB)

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