Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Max Payne 3 is pretty awesome so far. I haven't played much multiplayer yet, but today I may have to hop on and check out this Gorilla pack. This free download gives you some neat items for your character as well an ability to booby trap your body to prevent looting. Check out more below:

"Max Payne 3 required; sold separately. Requires an Xbox LIVE Gold membership to play (sold separately). The Gorilla Warfare Pack includes three items to customize your loadout in Max Payne 3 — the Gorilla Mask Item gives you extra adrenaline for melee kills from behind, the Lucky Coin Item gives you extra cash when looting bodies and the Booby Trap item makes your corpse booby trapped so that it explodes when looted by another player."

Link To Content- Gorilla Warfare Pack (108 KB)

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