Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today's new release features Wrecked Revenge, a new arcade racing game for XBLA. As well as the full game and trial available, there's some Day 1 content featuring new tracks for 400 MSP ($5). The game itself will cost 1200 MSP ($15).

"From the creators of MASHED comes the next evolution of explosive battle racing fun! It’s time to unleash your rivalries again and make a few new ones in the process. Revenge is sweet when it’s a rocket through your rival’s back window! Using weapons or just your kick ass driving skills, unleash your fury, cause absolute carnage, and send your ‘friends’ to a very humiliating defeat!"

Link To Trial- Wrecked Revenge Revisited (879 MB)

Link To Full Game- Wrecked Revenge Revisited (1200 MSP)

"2 brand new tracks for added multi-player mayhem, 8 brand new single player challenges, 2 brand new power-ups (Jet Boost & Shield) and a brand new vehicle to customize add to this explosive mix!"

Link to Content- Wrecked Highway to Hell (400 MSP/94 MB)

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