Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today for Xbox Live Arcade releases we've got the space shooter Fusion: Genesis, with connectivity to the Windows Phone game Fusion: Sentient. To get in on the action, the full version of Fusion: Genesis will cost 800 MSP ($10):

"Unravel a sinister conspiracy in a galaxy on the brink of civil war. Choose your side. Expose the truth. Become a hero. Follow six epic storylines as a trader, mercenary, peacekeeper, soldier, or seeker Explore an "always connected" dynamic environment Complete 100s of solo and co-op quests across 23 levels Fly over 100 ships with 1000s of upgrades Acquire 40 combat skills and 200 weapons Enjoy cooperative (1-4) and PvP (1-8) gameplay Connect with Fusion: Sentient on Windows Phone 7"

Link To Trial- Fusion: Genesis Trial (518 MB)

Link To Full Game- Fusion: Genesis (800 MSP)

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