Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The maps keep coming, and we keep buying them! The third set of maps for Black Ops are here, and come first to 360 as usual. Check out the details below:

"Obliterate the competition with 4 unique Multiplayer Maps and a wild new locale for the latest in Zombies action. Jump into battle with “Hangar 18,” located in the classified military base of Area 51; “Drive-In,” close quarters combat through a 60's American Drive-In theater; “Silo,” a secret Soviet nuclear missile site in this multilevel battleground; and "Hazard", a coastal golf course on the cliff sides of Cuba. Zombies are back in "Shangri-La," a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle."

Link To Content- Annihilation Map Pack (766 MB/ 1200 MSP)

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