Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the very start of the Sony Press Conference, Sony wanted to issue an apology to the fans who went without online functionality on the PSN just a few weeks ago. They stated that new precautions are now in order to ensure that the chance of another breach would be very unlikely.

They then preceded to show off some brand new gameplay of Uncharted 3, which stole the show, and detailed new game announcements and official name and price the NGP. Now the PS Vita, the next portable system from Sony will arrive sometime next year for $249 for the Wifi only version, and $299 for the 3G supported version. No price on the games or whether any special SKUs will be available at launch, but more details will become available in the near future.

The PlayStaion Move was a big topic at the conference as well. Sony showed off some new games for the device, and Ken Levine showed up to discuss Bioshock Infinite and announce that it will be Move compatible when it launches next year. Even cooler than that is he also announced a Bioshock game for Vita. Afterwards, Sony announced that PS3 gamers who pick up Infinite will also receive a copy of the original Bioshock game, which will simply be on the same Blu-Ray disc.

Another nice surprise was the announcement of Sly Coooper 4, which will be coming in 2012.

Sony had much more than this to show, but I wanted to write about my personal favorite moments of the show. Overall, they did a good job this year and promptly addressed the PSN outage then got back to the games and announcements.

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