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Today marks the start of the three day event that is E3 2011. Just in a few hours from it's start there was a slew of new details on games, deals, and announcements that will shape the world of gaming for the next few years. Sony & Microsoft had their press conferences today, alongside EA & Ubisoft, and here are just a few of the big news that occurred.

-Microsoft Press Conference Highlights-

At Microsoft's press conference, there was a big chunk of time dedicated to Kinect, but this time it was more about the games rather than the device itself. Many core games coming out this year and the next will incorporate Kinect in many different ways. For Mass Effect 3, you can use Kinect for voice support to speak the lines of choose-able dialogue in the game, and command your troops in battle. For Ghost Recon : Future Soldier you can tweak the accessories for your gun and test them out in an target area, and for Forza 4 you can move you head while driving to control the in dash camera using the facial tracking features for Kinect.

Kinect was a big part, with a new Fable called Fable: The Journey made for Kinect, but Microsoft also showed off some of their first/third party line-up with an impressive demo of Modern Warfare 3, Tomb Raider, Gears of War 3, and Forza 4. With the exception of Tomb Raider, all of these are set to launch this year.

The Xbox 360 Dashboard has been evolving over the years, and soon the next update will include a new new look, Youtube, and an Digital TV service being offered from Microsoft. This wasn't mentioned in the Conference itself, but In Marc Whitten's letter to Xbox Live it was announced that the Xbox 360 will be getting cloud support for profiles and game saves. This means your saves and gamertag will be stored on the LIVE servers and recorving accounts at a friends place will be a thing of the past. You can simply login from any console with your account and play.

Indie Hit Minecraft is nearing it's official release later this year, and Microsoft announced the game will be arriving to the Xbox 360 and will have Kinect support.

The rumored Halo remake is becoming official and will be called Halo Anniversary. It will include updated visuals, online co-op and multiplayer with a set of popular maps. The game will be arriinv this November at a lower price then $60.

Thought the fight was over? Well looks like it is not: Halo 4 is coming in Holiday 2012! This new game set to kick off a new Halo trilogy is all 343 Industries, so it be interesting to see what it will be like.

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